Element Meanings


These elements are used in our jewelry designs. If you are interested in a specific element or animal, and do not see it on our website we are happy to send pictures of a specific piece. We can also work with you on a custom design! You can also find our stone meanings on the FAQ page.

NAUTILUS SHELL/ AMMONITE - the spiral of the nautilus conforms to the shape of the Golden Ratio spiral, what is known as "sacred geometry." This sacred spiral is found in a wide variety of things in nature, such as the shape of our galaxy, hurricanes, the arrangement of sunflower seeds in the flower, pine cones & of course seashells. The nautilus is one of the most powerful symbols of spiritual evolution. Our logo represents the golden ratio in spiral form.

FOSSIL - have been revered by many cultures for centuries. Fossils are often used as talismans for protection and long life. Fossils -especially Ammonites- energetically support an increase in life span by reducing toxins, anxiety, and stress while balancing the emotions. 

CORAL - is an element believed to be endowed with mysterious, sacred properties. Coral facilitates intuition, imagination and visualization–expediting and accelerating the transfer of knowledge. Please see the stone meanings on our FAQ page for more information on different coral meanings.

SPINY OYSTER SHELL - symbolizes boundless growth and possibility. They were the favorite shell of many cultures & found in many archeological sites throughout the Americas. A sacred element used in both jewelry design and ceremonial rituals.

PINE CONE - represent human enlightenment, spiritual consciousness and the third eye. The spiral shape of the pine cone is a representation of sacred geometry and the Fibonacci sequence. Pine cones have been a powerful symbol for many cultures representing fertility, eternal life and spiritual ascension. 

FEATHER – this element has always represented a connection to the spiritual realms and to divinity. To many cultures the feather symbolizes honor, power & freedom.

CORN - represents the bounty of life, prayer, communications, cycles, harvest, health and joy. 

ABALONE SEASHELL - symbol of intuition, sensitivity, imagination and good fortune. This special element has deep meaning for all cultures throughout the world.

HERKIMER DIAMONDHerkimer Diamonds are the most powerful of all Quartz crystals. Being doubly terminated, they have the ability to not only transmit their own energies, but to receive spiritual energy and to amplify and focus it intently.

SEA URCHIN- The charismatic and beautiful sea urchin are said to hold healing properties & the energies of water currents. They represent strength of spirit & enhance spiritualism with a deeper connection to the etheric self.

SEA POTTERY & SEA GLASS - represent patience towards and surrendering to a larger process and force. Trusting this force to reveal our most pure/ authentic selves, we dance and allow. These unique elements represent the human condition with our many different sizes, shapes, and colors.

BARNACLE - represents the need for elder energies as we grow and evolve- given from the older generations who we lean on to help us navigate and understand our purpose and place in the world. 

DRIFTWOOD - similar to sea pottery and sea glass- driftwood represents the culmination of a journey. After our old forms and identities have been dissolved, a transformation into our true selves occurs. Driftwood represents the beauty and mystery of this process in the outer world– a magical symbol of the journey of life, death and rebirth. 

CACTUS - symbolizes strength and adaptability, with the blossom of the cactus representing unconditional love. Cactus helps us recognize situations that are toxic or unsafe, providing protection from that which does not serve our highest potential. Cactus medicine reminds us that both our truth and our beauty lie within.

AMBER- Amber has long held a fascination for many people. The oldest piece of Amber is a staggering 320 million years old. It is said to emit a sunny & bright soothing energy & is a manifestation stone- helping to bring that which is desired to reality. 

MOQUI MARBLEThese stones are believed to be among the most energetic on Earth. They are considered sacred among the sages of many ancient tribes including the Hopi & Navajo- believed to have many grounding and healing properties.

PICTURE SANDSTONEA special stone found commonly around the earth. Encourages truth and promotes clarity in thought and sight. Sandstone balances one's reality and facilitates change.

BAT - is a symbol of the Guardian of the night, bringer of new beginnings, initiation & letting go of the old.

BEAR - represents strength, introspection, self- knowledge, healing, and the power of the soul. For the Zuni people the bear represents one of the six directional fetishes–West.

BEE - Bees are mentioned in the spiritual texts of many cultures. This special creature represents protection, fierceness, gathering & community.

BIRD - represents freedom, transformation, expansiveness & spiritual power. 

BUFFALO - represents spiritual abundance, healing, good fortune, endurance to overcome, great emotional courage, and provider to all.

BUTTERFLY - symbol of transformation, balance, grace, and the ability to know or to change the mind. The butterfly represents spiritual rebirth, transformation, creativity, endless potential, vibrant joy, change, ascension, and an ability to experience the wonder of life.

CARIBOU - represents the strength it takes to travel long distances in any quest or journey. 

DEER - a symbol of gentleness, sensitivity & peace.

DOLPHIN - represents trust, loyalty, spirit of friendship, joy, harmony & connection with self.

DRAGONFLY - a symbol of the connection to nature spirits, joy, transformation and ascension.

EAGLE - a symbol of the Creator. This power totem represents loyalty, great integrity, spirit connection to the divine, potency, healing, power, and illumination. The Zuni people see it as one of the six directional fetishes–Sky

ELEPHANT - have deep meaning to many cultures. The elephant is seen as a spirit guide to help us along a journey that requires patience. They represent strength and power as well as wisdom, sensitivity and loyalty. 

ELK - represents power, majesty & stamina.

FOX - represents protection, ingenuity, quickness, cleverness, subtlety, & great passion.

FROG - bringer of rain, abundance, fertility, cleansing, peace & emotional healing.

HAWK - messenger of the Gods. Hawk brings awareness, truth, and helps to observe the obvious in what you do.

HORSE - represents swiftness, strength, enlightenment, healing, freedom & power.

HUMMINGBIRD - represents beauty, wonder, and agility. 

JACKRABBIT/HARE - guides in the shadow world, working through fears. They also represent abundance, illumination & intuition. They are highly feminine in nature. 

LION - represents majesty, strength, leadership, and wisdom.These powerful totems helps with banishing fear and the reclaiming of our space. 

NARWHAL - Narwhals do not do well in captivity, because of their need for freedom and space in order to thrive. They challenge us to surround ourselves with a nurturing social pod. These sensitive creatures help us hone our own abilities to sense and intuit.

OCTOPUS - a powerful symbol of magic, mystery & adaptability. They help bring about psychic and creative abilities.

OWL - symbol of wisdom, vision, insight. These beautiful creatures enhance the ability to see what others cannot. 

RABBIT - represents virtue, serenity, passion, conquering fear & long life. The rabbit is a special guardian of women in childbirth. 

RAVEN - symbol of magic, the messenger of the great mystery, a change in consciousness, and exploration of the unknown. 

ROADRUNNER - a symbol of magic and good luck to Southwest native people. They also help dealing with toxic individuals and situations.

SEAHORSE - extremely magical in their nature. They bring about high perception, contentment and patience. 

SNAIL - symbol of perseverance, determination, trusting your process & staying in the present moment.

SNAKE - represents power, life force, sexual potency, transmutation, death & rebirth.

SPIDER - symbol of the creative patterns of life/web of life. This power totem represents interconnection and the mystery of the universe.

TURTLE - a powerful symbol of longevity, fertility, love, protection, healing & reliability. The turtle is the oldest symbol of mother earth.

WHALE - represents unbridled creativity, intuition, and following your inner voice and truth.

WOODPECKER - This special birds' symbolism is rooted in drumbeat.   Its' rhythmic tapping is seen by many cultures as the heartbeat of nature itself. Carl Jung saw the woodpecker as a symbol of a return to the womb of creativity.

WOLF - symbol of teacher, pathfinder, sharing of your knowledge, loyalty, interdependence, & the never ending journey. The Zuni see this power animal as one of the six directional fetishes–East.