Jennifer’s connection to the earth and sea began with her parents. Her mom and dad are lifelong sailors– naming her Jennifer because of its Celtic meaning: "White Wave." She spent much of her childhood on the water, sailing and traveling. But always came home to the hill country of Texas, with its bluebonnets, longhorns, cactus and long summer days. 


This memory of wind, water, and earth is the balance Jen bring to every piece in her jewelry line. She started making jewelry in high school metalsmith classes, but truly developed her craft at Native American schools in New York, Maine, California, and New Jersey. Jen’s teachers and mentors passed down design techniques including leather making, stone carving, bead work, and basket weaving -- all of which find their way into JCJ collections.


Today, Jennifer Cecile Jewelry is known for its symbolism, deep grounding in tradition, and sparkling use of natural elements. Jen works from her Colorado studio, surrounded by forests, creeks, and the constant movement of animals on the land.